Over the past couple of days we have learned just how corrupt and dishonest the FBI truly is. First, Comet had to fire FBI agent Peter Strzok from the Russia investigation because he sent anti-Trump text messages.

Then we find out that this same person is actually the one who signed the papers that began the Russia investigation in the first place. Oh, and he also is the one who recommended that Comey change the wording describing Hillary’s email scandal from “gross negligence” to “extremely careless” so she wouldn’t be charged.

Somehow, amid all that, Comey thought he could issue defend the FBI’s integrity as an “honest” organization by issuing this tweet:

Bad move. Former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino proceeded to absolutely DESTROY Comey with this epic tweet:

This is the scary truth that Comey doesn’t want to face; this is his worst nightmare. The truth is out in the open now. People know what is going on and Comey isn’t on the winning side of that.

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